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Het Bedrijf

The technical services company is the expert in providing sustainable solutions in the field of living and working climate. They are not in the top 10 of Dutch installation companies for nothing; they have no fewer than 1,800 experts in house! These experts work extremely hard to sell central heating boilers, heat pumps, solar panels, service subscriptions and ventilation solutions to both the private and business markets. The best? Everything is always well organized within the company. They have the best materials and tools and always provide a nice company structure to work in. Looking for a social, informal and no-nonsense company? Then this is the place to be!

De Baan

The company is looking for a mechanic to join the team. But they are not looking for just any mechanic, they want someone who has the ability to put a smile on customers’ faces while assembling their plumbing.

As a mechanic within the company, you must be able to crack jokes about leaky pipes and clogged toilets. You should also be able to make your colleagues laugh with your great sense of humor. After all, it is important to keep the atmosphere in the team light-hearted and cheerful. If you also have the ability to complete bathroom assembly without bursting into laughter at the “toilet” humor, then you are our perfect candidate!

So, if you like to laugh, tinker and make customers happy, then this job as a mechanic is meant for you. Apply now and hopefully you will soon be the team’s funny mechanic!

Functie Eisen

  • You own and may legally drive a car 😉. No driver’s license? Then we’ll see if you can ride with us to the job;
  • You love the big M (not McDonalds, we mean Motivation);
  • The sky is the limit – you want to continuously develop yourself within the wonderful profession;
  • You enjoy working with hand and machine tools;
  • Do you like engineering? Then you are definitely in the right place here!
  • Experience in construction and engineering is not directly required, it does help (and saves in salary). So what do you need? Willingness!
    • Starters are therefore also invited to respond, we can teach you the work!
  • You know the difference between a nail and a screw (hard requirement).

Wij Bieden

  • A salary from €2400,- to €3850,- per month;
  • A direct contract with the installation company or a 1st contract through BaanMeesters;
  • Weekly or 4-weekly pay;
  • A set of vacation days that you don’t want to use up anyway;
  • Brand new company vans to drive;
  • Working with the finest and most modern machines and materials;
  • Advancement opportunities, development opportunities, you name it, we got it;
  • A cozy team that consists of craftmanship ‘geeks’, fighting together for a piece of craftsmanship.


More information about this vacancy is available at mr. Erwin Borghuis on number 0341-437030. Are you interested in this job? Then we would like to receive your personal information, preferably by email: [email protected]

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